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Uni Project - How do I buy things?
Da Groove
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Question Uni Project - How do I buy things? - 11-18-2010, 10:49 AM

Just got back from a long period of illness and this assignment is due tomorrow evening for a big chunk of marks..

Alice Assignment- At the Theme Park

This assignment is intended to give you the chance to demonstrate that you have learned the concepts that you have been taught throughout the Alice part of the module. As such, you should try to make use of as many of the topics that we have covered as you can e.g. methods, functions, parameter passing, loops, selection etc.
You are to create an animation where a group of people are at a theme park. This can be whatever theme park you like: perhaps a wild west themed park or a knights and dragons themed park for example. Your animation should tell a story and it is up to you what you wish to happen. During the story, at some point a character should buy items from a gift shop. Apart from that, the contents of the story are up to you. You could for example have one of the characters from your group of visitors to a wild west park get into an argument with a cowboy after visiting the gift shop and end up challenged to a gunfight. Your animation could then show what happens next.

The character starts the animation with 50 pounds. When the character is buying from the gift shop, the user should get to choose which of the available items (from a choice of at least 3) will be bought and the sales person should add up the cost of the items to be bought and tell the user. If the calculated cost is less than the amount of money the character has left, the purchase will be made. If the calculated cost is greater than the characters remaining funds, the sale will be cancelled. After each successful purchase, the cost of the items bought should be subtracted from the characters money.

Could anyone please enlighten me on

1. How to make the character start with 50 pounds
2. How to set up the gift shop? I dont know how to make a vendor / give items prices..
3. How to cancel sale if the cost is greater than the characters funds

If anyone could give me some direction i'd really appriciate it!!
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