The Alice player is a separate stand alone application.  To learn how to install, run, and use the Alice player please view the How to: Using The Alice Player found below.

This is a separate Unity player that allows you to run your creations without the full Alice IDE, allows you to wrap your own standalone Alice world application, and will even power your Alice creations in VR! It is important that if there is a new Alice IDE available that you upgrade the IDE to ensure that the the export is compatible with this version of the player. VR support requires a specific set-up that you can read more about below. This is still a very new extension of Alice and we are working hard to implement the full functionality and add new features. View the Known Issues accordion below for important information that may impact what models and features you use when building worlds for use with the player (example: Sims People import is not fully supported yet).

Downloads are not available on mobile, please view on desktop.

Known Issues

This is still a very early release. We have an active list of known issues, bugs, and features to update. This list does not encapsulate all of the undeveloped functionality just the major issues you should know before attempting to use. We are very interested to hear from you all about issues discovered to help us catalog and fix.

- Exporting Alice Worlds to A3W: Some issues will cause worlds to fail to export if the bug is on the Alice export side. If you find a world that fails to export please let us know and share the world with us.

- Sims people are not yet fully supported with this build. Sims models will import but they will not fully animate as we are still working out the construction of the different meshes for the sims people models to support the mouth and eyelid animations.

- There are still many edge cases that we have not yet found. These could include specific model oddities, certain procedures or functions acting strange, and more. We would appreciate any and all feedback and bug (error) reports. You can use our contact form to send us feedback (please select reporting a bug and the version Alice 3 Player)

Archived Builds

Version 11 (This build pairs with Alice

Download Alice Player v11 for Windows

Download Alice Player v11 for Mac

Downloads are not available on mobile, please view on desktop.

Using the Alice Player
Using the Alice Player with VR