Instructional Materials

The Learning to Program with Alice website contains instructional materials for Alice 2. These materials have been developed with support from the National Science Foundation under gtants NSF-0126833, NSF-0302542, and NSF-0339734.

There are lots of materials for use by instructors. Most of these materials are password-protected. Use of the password-protected materials is subject to the following terms and conditions:

You can make available the material to your TAs/graders

You can make available portions of the material to the students in your course on hardcopy handouts or on Web pages that are either password-protected or accessible only from your university domain

You are not allowed to make the material or its solutions available on a publicly accessible Web site.

Use of the materials from this website in publications or other commercial endeavors is not permitted and will be considered a violation of copyright.

In order to maintain the integrity of the provided solutions for use in everyone's courses, we can only make these materials available to instructors at recognized educational institutions. Thank you for your understanding.

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