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FPS Screenshots
EDIT: I've moved on to the Halo game, so this won't be updated anymore.

Here are some photos of my work-in-progress First Person Shooter:
Aiming with the red dot sight on the UMP
Aiming normally with the UMP
Going prone with the Desert Eagle
Hiding in some vegetation
New enemy design (in middle)
M4. M4 gun model.
Aiming with the Red Dot Sight. Red dot on the UMP.
A kill with the AK. Notice the enlarged reticle, which appears whenever you fire for a prolonged period of time.
Shooting the Desert Eagle. Notice the slide moves back, the cartridge is ejected. The yellow cone in the center is the bullet.
Reload sequence for the AK-47. The character is currently inserting a new magazine into the gun.
Shooting with the UMP 45, my favorite sub-machine gun and probably my favorite gun of all. The edges of the screen are red to show that I've been hit...

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