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These are screen shots from all of my games I posted. If you wanna see them before you play them, there all here!!!

Hero's Final stand - Test version for Hero's Mission 1
HERO's Mission 1
HERO's Mission 2
Modern Warfare
Modern Warfare 2
Shooting yard
Rail shooter
Battle grounds
Game Creator
Mirrors Edge
Guitar Hero
Modern Warfare ending
Modern Warfare 2 ending
Modern Warfare 2 installation program
RPG Adventure GAME
Sniper Test
Hero's Tactics
Arrow Shooting
Flying Engine
3RD Person test
Matrix Shot Version 1-5
Rail Shooter 3
Orb --- Demo is out
Real Split Screen "Almost!"
Halo - in Alice
AA-12 Animation
Realistic Death - Photo has been removed due to complaints
JA Command System
FPS AI System ----- AI System
Case Solvers
Sky Diving
Ping Pong
Lightning Drive
3,000 Posts Celebration Animation
SCI-FI Shooter Beta
Resident Monkey Poster
Halo 2
Black Ops Cover
Split Screen Wars
Hero's Mission 1 - Remastered

Check out all the pictures, the titles of the game are what the pictures are called
Hero's Mission 1 - Remastered 
I decided to make a remastered version of my origional FPS Hit Hero's. It turned out great!
Split Screen Wars 
A picture of my newest game "Split screen wars"..bringing the next generation of Alice to today!
Halo 2 - The Wipe Out 
This is the menu for my second Halo game in my series.
Black Ops Cover 
This was the competition example for "Best Remake"
Halo - in Alice 
Another screen shot of my Halo game
Resident Monkey Poster 
The poster for my Resident Penguin game that I might make. I should just talk to X2495iiii
Sci-Fi Shooter 
This is my new Fps gun system. Its in progress and can me used for many games to come for anyone!. Just give credit
3,000 Posts Celebration Animation 
My animation celebrating my 3,000th post!
Lightning Drive 
An opening to a "could be" hit game. Its a FPS camera view of a soldier in the back of a truck in a storm. Voices will be added...
Ping Pong 
A quick and not even close to finished, but A good example of what could be a good Table Tennis game
Sky Diving 
A simple yet cool sky diving simulator. Feel free to use it in your game just give a little recognition
Case Solvers 
A tribute to the classic Pheonix Write games that I didnt really like. This is what I made
AI System 
A simple AI system that allows you to have a player in the game that follows you when you walk around
FPS AI System 
A simple yet more complicated system that allows an FPS player to follow you around
JA command System 
My own system of Code
Halo - in Alice 
My own version of Halo in Alice. A very high tech FPS and my most popular game!
AA 12 Animation 
A AA-12 Automatic Shotgun simulator full with gun animations and a target that in the end...happened to be the unstoppable penguin...
Split screen 
This is a split screen game where you can move both player around the screen (minor problems with player 1)
Matrix Shot 
The most realistic slow-mo gunshot ever created on Alice
3rd person test 
Its a quick example of a 3rd person animation game
Rail Shooter 3 
Its the 3rd series of my famous Rail Shooter action game
Mirrors Edge 
This is a sequel to the famous mirrors edge game
An exclusive project i wont be releasing until a little while. Those of you who do not check this album, will never know!
Hero's Tactics 
This is the first beta release for Hero's Tactics
Game Creator new 
its got new map sizes and some glitches are fixed

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