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Anything and everything
Some game recommendations
Perfection, what else can i say...
Look at the dates, I completed Halo: Reach ALONE on legendary, first play through, 5 days after the game's release.
Rampage in free for all game
I would say i'm pretty good at Halo 
K/D ratio of 1.46 and rising
The best thing i've ever done, hands on in halo. A no scope bounce around the corner exactly as the guy spawns, what are the odds of that? Damn,lol.
Double head shot, no scope!
Hmm, what does the Mt. look like to you?
Dispose of your waste accordingly!
Gun in my signature.
Unreal ASCII symbol. really cool
Unreal Tournament III, Epic games most recent Unreal
An interesting picture that reminds me of...
UnrealTournamentLogo, One of the best games ever
halo3: one of my favorite pictures that I've taken
halo3: just a cool looking picture
My Reach emblem
Just some Halo: Reach owning (RAMPAGE= 20 KILLS in a Row)

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