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Please read before posting!
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Please read before posting! - 07-18-2005 until 08-18-2025

If you are having a problem with the Alice software, whether it be a design concern or a "mean queen" bug that pops up, please search this forum before posting about it. It is very possible someone else might have already started a thread on the topic, in which case you are welcome to bump it to the top of the queue with your own experience.

If you have submitted a bug report to the Alice Bug Database, we encourage you to post a description of the bug here along with a link to your bug report. Posting about it here will not only help raise awareness of the bug, but also may yield a response from someone with a workaround.

Note that the most current release of Alice is v2.0 (4/05/2005), available on the front page. If you are not using this version of the software, please download it, as the bug may have already been resolved.

Also note that there is a known bugs list containing info on bugs the Alice Team is aware of and how to reproduce them (as of the 4/05/2005 release).

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