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Conversation Between meirs and arty-fishL
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  1. arty-fishL
    05-26-2010 11:05 AM
    the latest Mama does not have the language bit in the config.txt file, so I had to add it in plus equals whatever language I want
  2. meirs
    05-26-2010 06:32 AM
    For enabling scripts there are few config parameters:
    enableScripting - general scripting enabled, true by default
    enableFreeScripting - scripting in a full window, false by default
    scriptingLanguage - select scripting language, default=mama (other option is "python")

    To enable/disable any of the above parameters you use the file config.txt, at Mama root folder. For more info look at the doc page at
  3. arty-fishL
    05-19-2010 12:45 PM
    How do you enable python scripting in the latest update of Mama?

    You were asking for suggestions, dont know how sensible or plausible all of these are:

    Python and Mama scripting at once, with a type option on the scripting tile or something like that.

    Ability to change the buttons on the "ask user" functions, so instead of yes/no on the get a boolean one it could be custom text etc.

    Or since html can be used on "ask user" popups, then the ability to set variables in a Mama World from the html and/or the output of the "ask user" popup.

    Alert popups, like "ask user" popups but with no output and only an OK button.

    the ability to group variables, like you can group objects in the object window bit, just for organisational purposes.

    cant think of any more...
  4. arty-fishL
    03-22-2010 02:46 PM
    The new mama is very good (v1.5.3)

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