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Conversation Between x2495iiii and RavenOfCode
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  1. RavenOfCode
    05-20-2015 04:15 PM
    I guess so... he was the newest member on the forums... I wouldn't think it would have been that fast... welp whatever...
  2. x2495iiii
    05-20-2015 12:44 PM
    I'm not seeing a member with that name in the community list. I'm assuming he's been deleted?
  3. RavenOfCode
    05-20-2015 07:45 AM
    The member 'krishonsoftech' is the name of a india software development company... just wanted to let you know to keep an eye on them.
  4. x2495iiii
    05-08-2015 12:28 PM

    Good eye, thank you.
  5. RavenOfCode
    05-06-2015 07:54 PM
    You might want to take this down?

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