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This group is for portugueses or brasiliam peaple...or people who nows portuguese
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08:49 AM
Anybody who knows web programming is allowed(e.g. JavaScript, PHP, ASP...).
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Students from the High School at Life Speed
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For all you who stay concealed, but never invisible
1 1 1 0
08:54 PM
we are the editors of we bring you the latest help and try to make the best ever Alice help site (well other than the Alice forums)
1 0 0 0
You as the guest will help your future along with mine!
1 0 0 0
People who like zombie games, such as the ones from COD WAW, and want to help and get helped making them in Alice
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If you also or only use Storytelling Alice, feel free to join! We will discuss the pros and cons of Storytelling Alice, and help each other out!
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This group is just awesome(:
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This is the Snowfire Games planning group. Whenever I recruit people to create a game on the Snowfire Games team, we talk about it here, where we can all post amongst each other easily, but not show the whole world what our games story is until the release :D
1 2 2 0
12:35 PM
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