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mf1782 07-22-2013 05:48 PM

Lab2 completed Loooooopppppyyyyy

So going into this lab, once I was finished with the reading material, I then read Keith Taylor's post prior to beginning our task. Luckily, Keith is nice enough to start us out with a few solid hints regarding his 'lessons learned'. I then was able to put together most of the code that I felt was right, but was still a little confused as to the outcome due to the fact that I'm unable to view the actions I've created with the consistent java errors.

Sooooo, with that being said, I reached out to my friend and yours Keith Taylor. I shot him my code, questions and assumptions as to what the code would do and/or what I thought it would do. Keith was Johnny on the spot with replies, answered my questions and gave me a few hints as to how I may want to re-work some of my code. I can't Thank him enough for the assistance as it's great to have a SOLID team member to work with! :)

On to the next lesson....

smccray 07-23-2013 06:53 AM

Getting Loo-paay
I'm having trouble getting the program to continue with the variables. It does it about two times then stop. Not sure I have "loop" in the right spot.

eug3n10 07-24-2013 11:04 PM

Getting Loo-paay response

Are you having trouble with the variable used to make the object spin or with the variable used to decide on whether to run the code again?

In order to have mine work I created a method for the jump/spin in which according to the user input the object spun a certain number of revolutions using a loop.

Once this was completed the program then asked the user whether he/she wanted to run the method again. Depending on that response the while statement would either trigger an execution of the method again or end. Let me know if you need clarification.

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