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ClickityClack 11-06-2017 06:35 AM

Using Alice on Vacation
Hey everyone, I am going to start by saying that I personally know very little about programming. My son however (who is 12 years old) is learning about it in school and his teacher has been using Alice 2 as their main program (or language? A little out of my element here sorry). He is loving it so far and his teacher is very impressed with how quickly he is progressing which is great. His course is going to end at the end of the semester which is after the New Year, and we will be taking a family vacation during the semester break for two weeks. I would love for him to continue his programming when we are on vacation but I don't really want him to bring his laptop with him as it is quite big and expensive so we are looking for something smaller and hopefully cheaper that he can have in his bag to use whenever he gets bored of us adults.

What kind of laptop would you all suggest for him to take on vacation? I am hoping to get something fairly cheap as he doesn't need to do much else on it (I will have mine with us in case we want to watch movies or what not, and he had an Ipad Mini for playing some games). I was thinking a cheaper Lenovo might be good for him, hopefully it won't break easily if he accidentally throws the bag around a bit and will be light enough for him to carry around. Is there anything I need to look out for in terms of technical specs, or will most laptops be able to run Alice 2 rather easily? Thanks for any help in advance everyone!

After seeing a really good deal on some used Ideapads online I thought that getting one of those would be my best bet so I went ahead and got my son a good priced Ideapad U410 from [url][/url] that is in great condition. Waiting until closer to our trip to give it to him, but I think he will be super excited about it.

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