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Diary0926 07-22-2015 10:19 PM

Assignment #3
This assignment took me a while to complete. There is a lot of thinking involved with creating such small movements. I'm not entirely sure how great the movements are that my pharaoh performed on the mummy but he did fall.
My mummy did more of a slide then a scary walk as most mummies do. I will probably try and do this one again, just so I can improve.

Basem Amorah 07-23-2015 11:24 AM

This assignment take a lots of time and really i agree with you. its kind of hard and something new to learn in Alice world and i like it.

MrMoke 07-23-2015 03:55 PM

That sounds familiar. I don't really have access to your teaching materials, so I made my own version of this last year. It's a zipped video file that I exported from Alice.


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