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sptaylor17 08-06-2017 01:38 PM

Lab 4
Completing the array setup caused a little bit of strife with trying to manipulate the rings so that they drop sporadically. Additionally figuring out the whole point systems, for having the cone "catch" the rings, when the text provided no examples. It amazed me how the book author writes the text as if the reader has a more in depth Alice background. I journeyed through the assignment as was able to do the best that I could based on my skill set and time limitations.

So glad that this class is coming to an end, in hindsight I would have preferred that my first full fledged programming class be in a classroom. Very much looking forward to the on campus classes I will be taking during the fall.

However, there is something about the independent study nature of an online class that prompts you to sink or swim. Glad I was able to stay afloat for most of the trial and error and long hours spent throughout this class.

Ready to charge on to the final assignment and bring this chapter to a close?

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