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zzl112100 09-28-2014 07:05 AM

How can I optimize my game
Last week I designed and programed a test game in Alice 3 as my first completed project in Alice. I am trying to get familiar with this super cool game making tool. These are my questions
1.Can I create a variable that can be used in the whole program (like in java the static variables defined out side every methods)? How?

2.How can I use mouse just to change views and click on something rather than moving objects? (not the default mouse setting)

3.How to make objects prevent camera to get through, like an obstacle.

4.How to import images as billboard; I can not find out the certain directory to store the billboard thing…

5.How to launch a new window(like JFrame something) when running.

:(Can someone help me with these easy things? I really want some simple and effective ways.:)

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