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Basem Amorah 07-17-2015 03:22 PM

Assingment 4
really this assignment made me crazy. is to hard for me and really i tried my best to make story and make some characters. i think everything in this assignment are complicated. on the other hand, i am happy to learn something new like this, yah is take a lots of time but in the same time good and make everyone angry hahah:D:D

Ylu 07-17-2015 06:13 PM

I understand the feeling. It's a bit stressful. I'm a bit nervous about what's to come.

Petit Suisse 07-20-2015 05:58 AM

I know. When our teacher mentioned the tube of toothpaste, my first thought was, this gets harder!!? It's already hard lol.

It's good to share with others though and know we're not alone.

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