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Mr Kidnapper 03-04-2012 06:26 PM

Animations to take note of
There's a new addition to CryDev today, or perhaps yesterday, known as [URL=""]Soldier11[/URL] and he's a 3D animator from CS: Source.
Here's an example of something he brings to the community as he learns to animate for CryEngine.
It's a reload animation of a Beretta M92FS.
[URL=""]His website[/URL]

If you look closely at his various animations, they are extremely fluid and very forceful, making it [I]feel[/I] as if the user is [I]actually doing something[/I], which is the main idea when it comes to animation. His animations include sounds which assist in this illusion (I don't think he made them himself.) This is an extremely good example of "Doin' it right." Take notes, folks.

x2495iiii 03-04-2012 11:08 PM

I love the animation's flow and pace. The only problem is the subparts. Most of the Alice guns aren't divided properly to support such animation.

Still, it's nice to see a master at work. Thanks for sharing, Mr. K.

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