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ja_boulay 03-15-2006 02:13 PM Collaborative VR News/Resources Website

I recently launched a new website ([URL=""][/URL]) which is intended to the "VR Community": people who work/study in the field of Virtual Reality or are really interested by it. These people are not only VR software developers or researchers, they can be computer graphics scientists, video game developers, man-machine interface designers, artists/animators, ... In short: all individuals who can have a deep interest in Virtual Reality.

The main objectives of are:
- To provide an open place where to find and share news/comments related to Virtual Reality.
- To provide a collaborative space where to find, document and maintain Virtual Reality Resources.
- To promote personal/academic/communitarian/research/artistic Virtual Reality projects of the VR Community.

The last point is about promoting all kind of VR project (which is true),
but in fact we are especially interested in promoting open source and
academic research projects. We would be pleased to hear about specific
projects of Master/PhD students.

Since I presume most of you are computer graphics or VR developers, I would be pleased to give you permission privileges if you are interested in contributing with us. Just send me an email if it's the case.

In hoping I did not shock you by the fact this mail is not specifically about

Notice for Alice developers: I'm interested in hearing news about the main events surrounding Alice development. I can even give you permission privileges (so you could do it by yourself) if you're interested.

Don't hesitate to contact me for any questions/propositions about

Jacques-Andre Boulay

gabe 03-15-2006 03:05 PM

Please do not make identical posts in multiple forums. It makes it easier to discuss a topic when it is centralized to one location. Please post replies to this thread [URL=""]here[/URL].

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