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GoGators 08-31-2010 10:18 PM

Arkam Asylum in Alice
Yep so I want to make an arkam asylum themed game but instead of having it on a large scale I want batman to be stuck in a relatively small (But big enough) room with the jokers clowns re-spawning again and again in an endless mode. and I also want to have another mode that has levels. Is it possible for someone to get me theses models? (Just a basi batman with subparts and a clown henchman of some sort. (I would do this myself but for those of you who dont know my models mostly turn out to be 100 objects just to make one man. (that might be over the top). Anyway I also need some people to help me with scripting and other coding issues I might have!

If you want to help just say so. Also I am working on a social group that is for this project only and should have it up as soon as I get a model to start programing with.

This is also going to be an open project which means ANYONE can help that is on the forums, unlike the A-TOM studios (which I tried to get into but King has not gotten back to me in about two months).

I am working on the room right now but as I said I will need some models and some helpers if this is going to work!

Thank You all!

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