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Duel Credit Baller 09-09-2017 11:10 AM

Assignment 3: Egyptian mummy

It’s me again. In our third assignment, I was instructed to create a new world with Alice. Particularly speaking, and Egyptian pyramid. In this clip, a mummy was walking toward “Pharaoh”. I took the liberty and added a few extra pieces to make my clip more interesting. I added more trees, bushes, animals, and “Cleopatra” to aid “Pharaoh”. I also put in a few extra words and changed the scenery for the clip. That was the first part and it was harder than I thought getting him to walk correctly. It came together well but the main problem I had was making the mummy walk. I still am not sure if I did it right. However, it still looks nice and the mummy does walk. I found there are several ways to create limb movement which really helped.

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