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AliceMaster00 07-31-2013 08:30 AM

Lolz i actually need help
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I've been making fps's for a long time now, and finally, I've decided to ask help, and Im not trying to be cocky, just in case someone tries to use a line of code that I've already tried. I've got two glitches, 1) Not Clamping, 2) Weapon Sway Glitch. If you don't know what clamping is, you could either ask Jedi, or wait until I post a tutorial. But for those who do know, my clamp method isnt working, If you hold the button to look down or up after the camera has been clamp (btw, it looks buggy, but its a prototype, my first Alice Clamping System), you'll end up doing backflips in place. For the weapon sway glitch, I cant really explain it well, so try turning and walking, then stop turning while your still walking. Btw, feel free to explore the other lines of code for movement. The jumping is the same as all my other fps's, its still just an animation, also, I haven't given up on this yet, but can anyone help me with a way to implement an "isGrounded" boolean for jump animation to the weapon. I tried a script similar to what i was trying to achieve, but there was a MAJOR glitch in it. Another thing, does any one know if you could use two cameras with different culling masks??? The controls for the game;

W,A,S,D = Movement.
Arrow Keys = Lookin' Around.
Space = Jump (Duh).

I just started making this game yesterday.

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