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J3ff 08-27-2007 08:50 PM

Alice and Kubuntu
First off would like to start by saying hello to everyone,

I'm using alice for a school class I am taking, and it is an interesting if a somewhat simple program.

I'm running linux, distro kubuntu 7.04([url][/url], everything installed painlessly other than the fact that getting Java to work was less than a walk in the park. Has anyone ever put together a .deb for installing alice to that way people new to linux would be better able to install it on their computers pain free?

The only small bug I have noticed with the linux install is that when I create a new method, it does let me type in the new method's name, if I click out, and click create method again, and keep doing this after several times it lets me enter text for the methods name. Not sure if this is an error on the windows install also as I have only used the linux one.


hoyen 12-21-2007 01:56 AM

I tried also with ubuntu, and experience the same thing.

When I want to add a method for [B]world[/B], it allows me to add only once.
It works also for other object: [B]camera[/B], [B]ground[/B] but only once.

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