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Skip 10-15-2007 11:36 PM

toySoldier saluting

I'm just starting out in Alice, and am working my way through "Learning to Program with Alice." One of the exercises at the end of Chapter One is to take the stock toySoldier model and move his right arm so he appears to be saluting. I have worked out that it involves turning the arm 1/4 revolution, turning the forearm 0.3 revolution and rolling the forearm 0.08 revolution.

To automate this pose, I created a method which did the three actions together, waited a second, and then undid the actions in the reverse order.

My question is this: why, when doing the actions together, do I need to add additional roll to the forearm? To make the hand wind up in the same spot, I needed to add about 100% more roll (0.15-0.16). Is this a peculiarity of the way Alice works, or is there a way to calculate how much thing need to be fudged in advance?

The exercise is a great one, and I learned how to make a new, smarter model, how to include a picture of the model, taken in Alice, and about the import function.


Ping 10-18-2007 10:33 PM

Well.. all you would have to do is roll the hand like 1/4 i believe lol, or turn it with a slight move.

but yea, anything you do you have to the opposite of it, all over to get the same result again, i believe thats what your asking

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