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arty-fishL 05-19-2011 02:43 PM

[QUOTE=jediaction;36017]Well, I can just say, this thread gets a [B]THUMBS UP because this is the Golden age of Alice![/B]

[B]FPS Aiming systems..[/B]
[B]Advanced Collision detection[/B]
[B]Jython Scripting[/B]
[B]and now Loading diferent worlds through one program[/B][/QUOTE]That's what I was thinking. Its all thanks to these forums.

[QUOTE=TauTrumpsPi;36019]It works perfectly for me. Great job Arty, this will be very useful. Now if you could just get Gloo to work...[/QUOTE]Thankyou. I'm still (silently) working on Gloo.

DensetsuNoKaboom 05-19-2011 05:11 PM

I'm so glad we live in such an age of prosperity. Only needs a few more things...

Specifically, Gloo and, um...darn it.

Mr Kidnapper 05-19-2011 07:47 PM

Besides Gloo, if we're talking about things inside Alice, how about simple physics? I would say it goes hand in hand with collision detection, say we have dodgeball and a ball is thrown at a speed from an angle, and then the ball bounces off the wall while losing speed and height and hits an enemy on the back of the head. Of course I have not taken physics, so I wouldn't know how this works.

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