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AliceAndConnor 11-18-2014 01:59 PM

Epic Object Pack With 200+ Models With Restart/Import World Buttons and Guns!
Hey everybody! Hope you are doing good! I have been working on this FPS game called, Battlefront that you can download on my website at [url][/url]! The guns and ammo I use in the game come from this epic archive of objects made around the community! I found out about this guy named, Mr. Giansante, and he actually (supposedly) collected a lot of the models made around the community and jam-packed them all into one .zip file! And yes, these are .a2c model files - compatible with Alice!
It came with a load of Fantastic realistic guns, ammo and bullets of all sizes! Even Halo chiefs, and object-scripting-embedded in-game restart and world-import buttons, clickable by the mouse! Here is the link to download it from his site: [url][/url]
Who knows, you might even find YOUR own model you made, in this archive!
The only thing, is though; he didn't really give any specific usernames or real names, he just included a file that said, "Community Objects" and left it to that. So now could be a good time to claim your credit and post a reply if you find an object that was yours!
Bye everyone!:D:D:D

(Please do note that the restart and import world object buttons actually crashed my world, but then the next day they worked, so I do recommend being careful with those tool objects. I also find that the new Humvee model, when you want it to move forward, it goes right, and is basically whacked-out. Please do acknowledge that some do work better than others, but overall they're all great! The ones I use in my game, such as the AK-47 and the 9mm Bullet work fantasticly!):)

RavenOfCode 11-27-2014 11:26 AM

I was looking at models for my new game Riot: Alpha Class, a new version of Riot a game a made during the summer, so far its looking awesome thanks to the awesome amount of objects in here! :)

This is a great pack!

AliceAndConnor 11-28-2014 12:11 AM

No Problem!
No problem, Raven! I'm glad the models ould help you in your new game! I also tried it out by the way and it was really cool! Goodbye!:)

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