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Nighthawk0973 07-21-2011 04:16 PM

I've got 2 Questions.
Is it possible to allow use for a PS2 controller in Alice? This would make creating FPS games a whole lot easier since the aiming system would be possible and easy to use, without being too restrictive. Using arrow keys makes aiming more unfarmiliar than most shooters, plus the controller can make control schemes easier. If anybody knows how to do this or no somebody who might know I would LOVE this, since I will restart my entire games development for this.

I also want to know how to save the instance of certain objects in the world (the world in general wouldn't be bad but I'd prefer just the certain objects) and the values of variables(maybe we could save the instance of the x and y values that the objects are located in and reposition them with methods?

There are things I really need to know for my game I'm developing :D

legolizard 07-21-2011 04:24 PM

For your first question the answer is, kind of. I am no expert on this but there are programs that allow you to associate movements on a controller to pressing certain keys, however in order for it to work you need a controller that has the some sort of USB connection/adapter, I think a PS3 controller does, but I have actually seen someone use an old Nintendo controller.

For your second question I don't know if you can save an object during run-time (do you mean the objects location?) but I [I]do[/I] know that it is possible to save the values of variables during run time with the "IO tool" Arty-fishL made.

Nighthawk0973 07-21-2011 04:28 PM

Thanks. Oh btw, I have a USB adaptor for my PS2 controller.

Can anybody explain to me how you can create a mouselook system? It all confuses me and I'm thinking of creating some sort of mouselook system that can still work despite alices restrictions.

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