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Scott 09-27-2008 10:34 PM

Guitar Hero?
So I am listening to my itunes and think, how cool would it be if one day I walk into class with a Guitar Hero type thing using the arrow keys made in Alice, or Java. (Don't know Java yet though) I am 80% sure it can be made in Alice. Just, I have not learned any of that kind of stuff yet in class. That will come in like the end of the semester of learning to do stuff with sound and such :(

So my question is, How do I make a guitar Hero type game using the arrow keys. I would need 4 circles or so aligned at the bottom and have circles along with music going down the screen. I'm sure most people knows how it works ;) so i'll stop explaining.

If someone can help me, or get a template set up for me, I would appreciate it. :)

Gillette Fusion 09-28-2008 02:49 AM

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You could probably make something cool out of this.

Took me a good hour and a half, so tell me what you think. :rolleyes:

Scott 09-28-2008 11:17 AM

Thanks :) That Is really cool. Just that It is a bit confusing when to press the button and that it blinks when you release it. I will try to work with this and see what comes :) and....

I need help with how to add music, and make the balls go down the screen so you press the buttons with the music just like in guitar hero. That will take time and work to do though. and I need to know how to keep score.

any one know how to do those? I'd appreciate help, weather it is me doing it and someone telling me how, or someone does it so I can see. either is fine. :)

Gillette Fusion 09-28-2008 03:03 PM

I think, do to some of Alice's limitations sound wise, you need to create your own little tunes by importing four guitar note sounds (one for each button). Maybe a fail sound for when the player ****s up. Where you would get the sounds, I don't know. Try searching the web, or you could make them yourself via recording.

Importing sounds isn't too hard, just go to your World object's property panel, and you will find the sound options (import and record). Click import and select your sound.

To play the sound, select it from the property's panel, and drag it to the method you want it to be in.

Scott 09-29-2008 06:18 AM

Okay, thanks :)

jyby 10-10-2008 08:35 PM

Such a game was already programmed under Alice: check out the following:

Bearcat34 10-13-2008 11:49 AM

Cool game

ZED 10-18-2008 07:18 PM

to import music to alice they have to be mp3 files (for some reason i cant import itunes to alice guess they arnt mp3 files) like i use some songs that i had way back in the windows media player days (early 2000's (2000-2002))

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