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kp305 11-28-2018 05:49 PM

Final Alice practice
Hey everyone I have a final coming up next week in alice, and my professor created a practice program for us to work to be ready for it by following this guide, I possible if someone can actual explain to me each step It will be greatly appreciated

Instructions for Final Practice Alice 3.0 Program

1. Create a new Alice 3.1 program that will have the following objects in an outerspace scene:
a. A spaceship
b. 5 small martians
2. Make the spaceship move around with your arrow keys as follows:
a. Up arrow – move forward
b. Down arrow – move backward
c. Right arrow – turn right “a little”
d. Left arrow – turn left “a little”
e. Letters “A” – go up; “D” go down
3. A camera marker in another scene outerspace, where a biped is found.
4. Make an array to hold the 5 small martians, create a martianFlying method that will have a loop that repeats 60 times, for all the martians to move together up and down, as if they were flying in space.
5. Call the martianFlying method from myFirstMethod.
6. Add a 3-D text object for the score, and initialize it to 0.
7. Add a 3-D text object for the timer, and initialize it to 60. Create a timerCountDown method that will decrease the timer by 1 for each second (use wait).
8. Call the timerCountDown method from myFirstMethod, together with the martianFlying method.
9. Create a collision event between the spaceship and the array of martians
a. If the spaceship collides with any martian, without pressing space bar
b. Then the martian disappears & goes deep down into space
c. And the score goes up by 1.
10. When the timer is down to 0, check the score with an if-statement.
a. Make camera go to a new location, with any biped underwater
b. If score is >= 3 - biped will say “Pretty good, you rescued a lot of martians!”
c. If score is < 3 -- biped will say “Sorry, you left some martians in space!”
11. Extra Credit: Add music playing in parallel to the timerCountDown method.

juniorshemar 12-04-2018 05:58 PM

You're Welcome
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Be wise, Succeeed, Be Wise

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