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jediaction 12-06-2010 10:07 AM

How do you run it?

arty-fishL 12-06-2010 11:13 AM

Addon, sounds interesting, tell me when youve got the code done, then I could try that.

To run it:
[LIST=1][*]Import the scripter a2c object into whatever world you want it in[*]Play the world[*]Stop the world[*]It should come up then, plus a scripter submenu to open it should be added to the Alice Tools menu[/LIST]hope that helps :)

arty-fishL 12-06-2010 12:32 PM

Another update
Right, ive made the Scripter much less annoying and more practical. Big changes, so please read:
[LIST][*]Ive streamlined the code, removed stuff thats not needed anymore.[*]Ive removed the ALT+SHIFT opener, there are other key combos now.[*]Ive changed the ALT+S opener to CTRL+ENTER, this is now always enabled, its no longer an optional feature, so you can always open the Scripter with this key combo.[*]Ive made the mini-menu an optional feature (can be enabled in the Tools>Scripter menu) as the Scripter menu is there.[*]Ive made the Scripter open automatically after the first play of the world only, after that it will not open by default anymore (but it can be enabled again), just use CTRL+ENTER or the Scripter menu to open it after this.[*]It no longer will print out an initialisation message at startup, as this was printed before it actually initialised and was therefore misleading, now you should see a message in the title bar of Alice and hear a beep when you stop the world.[*]Ive seperated the [I]enable scripter open after world play[/I] option and [I]enable scripter[/I] option. Disable the Scripter when publishing the world so it doesnt open on other people.[*]Ive updated the quick-menu help and mini-menu due to all changes.[*]Ive added a pale green hue to the Scripter text area, to go with my Arty-fishL style. Ive highlighted the Show Scripter menu option green just to make it stand out.[*]Although its still preferable that you manually deactivate the scripter with the [I]deactivate[/I] option in the Tools>Scripter menu before opening a different world, I have added automatic deactivation when you use the File>New World or File>Open World... options. [SIZE=1]Deactivation just stops currently running Scripter proccesses and removes the Scripter menu, so it doesn't cause errors in the next world.[/SIZE][*]And I might have done some other things I dont remember.[/LIST]There :D

x2495iiii 12-08-2010 01:53 AM

I'm waiting for the pre-set code options to be done. Especially the robot stuff.

Course, I could always learn it myself I suppose.

Maybe I'll go do that instead.

Anyway, great stuff arty.

arty-fishL 12-08-2010 11:03 AM

Ive finished the preset basic menu, just the rest to do ...

zonedabone 12-08-2010 03:07 PM

I like this. It will be the first addon for addice! =)

arty-fishL 12-08-2010 06:23 PM

lol, addice. Do I have to do anything for it yet, or is addice just in development.

kst3268 12-09-2010 10:41 AM

Problem with world
1 Attachment(s)
Everytime i click a square the previous clicked squares change into the new letter. can someone please help me?

arty-fishL 12-09-2010 02:43 PM

Please dont change the subject of this thread
Im not going to reply to that on this thread, please post this on a new thread in the "how do I" bit

[URL=""]Click this link to do it[/URL]

arty-fishL 08-25-2011 10:27 AM

Update 0.6
[QUOTE=zonedabone;29188]Arty, you might want to consider making this an alice addon. To explain this, I must explain a project I'm thinking of.

When alice starts, it loads that alice package from the jython library. These are loaded during the splash screen. Anyway, you could spawn threads during that time that would be effective during the remainder of the alice session. I am thinking of a system that would keep records of code modules called addons, and then update these and import them.[/QUOTE]I re-read this post and I've just realised - this is almost exactly the way my addons work, although I didn't realise at the time; that being said though, I still did basically copy Zone's idea because he seemed to have given up on it, I acknowledged that and credited him and will do when I'm finished.

NEW UPDATE v0.6[/B][/U]

I've updated the Scripter again, this time in a massive way.
The surface (visible) changes include:
- [I]Undo/Redo[/I] now works
- added [I]undo[/I] and [I]redo[/I] to right-click menu
- [I]go to line[/I] now works
- reduced tab size
- added option to set custom tab size in font editor
- Alice Scripter menu help has changed

But the really big changes are inside the code. I have now made it so that the code can be used for both the object it currently is and an [B]addon[/B]! All it takes is the change of one variable, so now both the addon and the object should be able to get updates together.
Yay :D, so Scripter is my latest addon for [I]Arty-fishL Addons[/I].

To distinguish between the object and the addon they have the following full official names:
- Object - [I]Arty-fishL Scripter[/I] (as it was)
- Addon - [I]Super Scripter[/I]

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