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calmart 09-26-2010 10:00 PM

Simple moving car and obstacles.
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Ya know, its a little intimidating here given some of the work I see put out! But theres always room for simple bits of code. I'm using 2.0 (gives me less trouble) so I hope they work for everyone.

carAdvanced is the simple car with built in movement methods. They can be tied to keys, object controls, etc. The forward-reverse motion has a slight accleration/deceleration to it.

biplaneObstacle were made for the car to avoid. There are three preset flight patterns. 1 is to circle a target while rolling. 2 makes a sort of clover motion. 3 makes a cross shaped pattern but 20% of the time will fly straight at a target (you!). I think I have all the parameters and such in place. All three patterns work out to the same timeframe in case there are multiple planes at once.

Made for a game over on shared worlds

Driving is fun (I ran out of time but was going to add a slight roll to the turn, maybe some smoke when you take off), but I think I'd rather try a space flight sim net (old x-wing/tie fighter fan!) as I don't have to worry so much about my planes accidentaly plunging into the ground.


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