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Alex Rodriguez 02-14-2009 02:06 PM

Textual Storyboard animation
My world is basically a cow and chicken that sing a song for a farmer and farm girl. A few things that I used are the do together, random number, and I played with the camera some. I didn't give myself enough time to learn the camera functions, but hopefully I'll get it right after practicing.

I had a few problems using random numbers. I just looked at the examples in the book again and realized what I was doing wrong. I was not adding the variable of distance and making it zero so that I can then add a min and max random number to the jump method for the chicken. I'm not sure if I said that right or if it makes sense, but just know that I solved my issue.

I went over my head with the camera moves I was trying to achieve. I'm still working through some issues with making my objects walk. The cow object had two predefined methods to make it walk. I was having some trouble with getting my cow and chicken to walk at the same pace in the same direction. The problem was with the method I made for my chicken to walk.

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