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ewbrown 08-26-2016 02:30 PM

Welcome to Alice 2 Resources
There is a wealth of resources for Alice 2 created by lots of great groups and individuals. We have pulled together some of them here but we look forward to everyone sharing more resources with the community. Here are just some of what we know is out there:

Susan Rodger's great work at Duke in Adventures in Alice Programming Group:


Learning to Program with Alice text and accompanying materials by Wanda Dann, Stephen Cooper, and Randy Pausch


Several other great textbooks available:


Beth Simon's great work Expeditions Through Alice at UC San Diego on Alice and CS Principles:


From that work CS Principles with Alice Created by Art Lopez, CS-CaVE Master Teacher from Sweetwater Union High School District and AP CSP Pilot Teacher


Again we know this but a small subset of the content available so please share with us and the community so we can find out about all of the great work and resources out there.

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