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Ylu 07-17-2015 12:07 AM

Assignment 4 - Storyboarding (Turtle and Hare)
I've got to say that this was a little bit complicated. I spent some time thinking about what I wanted to do and how I was going to incorporate the silly Boom Boom song. An idea came into my mind but I had to play around with Alice to see if my character choices would go along with the story I planned. I started my story and then realized I would have to change it a bit and make it simpler. I also realized I was making it complicated so I tried to simplify the design process as much as I possible can.

The easiest part was the Boom Boom method. The hardest part was getting the Turtle and the Hare to be lifelike in there response without making it too lifelike. After a lot of trail and error (watching the animation), I simplified the scene again to get a lot of a limited the amount of detail that I seem to require. I then decided to reposition my characters for ease and do a background touch up. I can't say the class is getting harder but I can say that the limited time I have to complete this is causing me issues. I've decided that after this class is over I will take time to play around and delve into the program in more depth.

Basem Amorah 07-17-2015 03:26 PM

i agree with you and really is driving me crazy this assignment lol

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