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AliceAndConnor 12-04-2014 10:55 PM

Good Quality Automatic Collision Detection With Arrow Key Event!
Hello everybody! This post is just discussing something new I learned today!

I actually just found out that when you create an event letting the arrow keys move a subject, such as the camera, it has automatic collision detection! I never realized it until today when I was playing around with it!
I found it super handy with a building cluster, since it being so hard for the player to walk through alley ways since it being so narrow it was hard to get it efficient. Now with the arrow keys event, it actually worked really well!

I found this really exciting, since normal collision detection in Alice not being known to be too efficient, this really turned out realistic and precise.

I find it really too bad, having this great function but not being able to transfer it to the W,A,S,D keys, the keys I'm using to make my FPS.

I imagined what it would be like, just selecting an assigned object to have collision detection just as good as the arrow keys event. No choosing of proximity, meters, or anything like that; just a simple button that sets it up automatically!:D

Because really, that reality is already here; it just maybe needs to be a normal option without being limited to only assigning the arrow keys to do it every time.

Bye everyone, thank you for reading! If you feel the same way, feel free to reply and talk about it. Maybe some day Alice will have an option just like the arrow keys event, but then just for the W,A,S,D keys?:eek:;)

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