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Niteshifter 01-27-2009 01:53 AM

Object Creation, vectors, and more!
With the ability to create an object at runtime, you've just opened up a huge door.

Also having the ability to remove an object at runtime would open another huge door as well.

The ability to edit the code within text rather than drag item x in, then drag item y on top of item x's argument, then add item z to item y, etc.

More flexibility with the position variables ie: you can edit an objects position using x, y, and z rather than going through a big fuss with the orientations as well.

A getChildren() function would also open a pretty big door, and would be easier to work with instead of using too many list variables.

The ability to modify the objects within the Alice console ie: If you wanted to put a cube [B]inside[/B] the randomGuy2 model, or if you want to group up a cube, and a sphere (This is not to be confused with the ability to put objects into a folder).

I most likely will add more to this list (as there's a LOT I can put down, I just probably forgot it at the moment).

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