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arty-fishL 07-30-2017 03:39 PM

Making Alice Models with Windows 10 (Paint 3D and 3D Builder)
Not sure if anybody has brought this topic up yet.

Windows 10 introduces Paint 3D and 3D Builder.
Plenty of models are available online for free from Remix 3D, or you can create your own.
Furthermore, you can open a number of standard 3D file formats.

Now an interesting option is saving as OBJ Format (.obj) from 3D Builder.
I can't see that option in Paint 3D, but you can easily move files from Paint 3D to 3D builder by exporting and opening as a 3MF file.

[SIZE=3]So if you export your object as an .obj from 3D builder.
Then, use [URL=""]Biturn[/URL] to convert that file to a "3ds max ascii (.ASE)" file.
You can import your models into Alice.[/SIZE]

The imported model will be way too big to fit in the view, so you'll probably want to resize it from the file tree (right click, methods, resize) to about "0.000003" first.

Texture imports will throw an error and fail, but the model will still load with no texture. However, there are fairly easy workarounds that make it actually work. I'm testing that now, so I'll post a follow up comment.

It seems to work quite well for simple models.
Certainly makes creating Alice objects a more fun and simple experience.

[URL=""]> Click Here <[/URL] to download an Alice version of [URL=""]this zebra originally from Remix 3D[/URL].

arty-fishL 07-30-2017 06:02 PM

Okay, so I've got textures working.
Follow these steps to fully convert an object with textures from Paint3D to Alice...

[LIST=1][*]Create a folder for just this object and its files, this'll organise it better.
-[*]Make, download or open your model in [URL=""]Paint3D[/URL].[*]Go to the menu and choose "Export File".[*]Choose "3D - 3MF" (this option won't show if your creation is only 2D).[*]Save it to the folder you created.
-[*]Start [URL=""]3D Builder[/URL].[URL=""]
[/URL][*]Click "Open".[*]Click "Load object".[*]Choose the [I].3mf[/I] file you exported.[*]See note below.[*]Go to the menu and choose "Save as".[*]Change the "Save as type" to "OBJ Format (*.obj)".[*]Save it to the folder you created.
-[*]Start [URL=""]Biturn[/URL].[*]Choose the folder you created in the left pane.[*]Choose the [I].obj[/I] file you exported in the middle pane.[*]Change the "Destination format" to "3ds max ascii (.ASE)".[*]Click "Convert !".
-[*]Start a plain-text editor, such as Notepad or Notepad++.[*]Choose the Open File option.[*]Locate the [I].ase[/I] you created.[*](In Notepad you need to change the "Text Documents (*.txt)" option to "All files (*.*)" first).[*]Find and Replace all ".TGA" with ".PNG" (without quotes, case insensitive).[*]Save the file.
-[*]Open Alice 2.[*]From the "File" menu choose "Import...".[*]Choose the [I].ase[/I] file you edited.[*]It should import, with textures, without error.[/LIST]
[B]Note: [/B]3D Builder seems to show this error message in the corner when you open a 3MF file from Paint3D:
Just click it. I'm not sure what difference it makes. And I'm not sure how one Microsoft app can improperly export a model for another Microsoft app.

[B]tl;dr Open the [I].ase[/I] file in a plain-text editor (Notepad) first, find-and-replace all '.TGA' with '.PNG', save it, open it in Alice.[/B]

simonvarez 03-16-2018 11:30 AM

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