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zackpier 04-29-2010 07:29 AM

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[QUOTE=Dameria;20201]Or you can see the maze that I created for this person. It has exactly what you have, a text for "Score:" and a text for "0", and 0 increments by 5 every time a lollipop is clicked on. Then at the end you get a time bonus that increases your score:


Thanks for everything..
I got half of what you did for the score.
I got the world.points to set value to world.points + 1, but i was unable to get that to affect my score text. could you take a look at my world and put in the "set text to" command, because I am unable to find it. I just barely found the "set value to" command.

Dameria 04-29-2010 03:57 PM

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Is this better? I just made the points count up every 0.1 seconds. I wouldn't change the 0.1 seconds if I were you, because the if statement will only loop after those amount of seconds have gone by. For instance if it was a full second, the jet might be fully underground in the time that the if statement is waiting for the second to be over, and it would not count as a crash until the if statement is looped again. If it was 5 seconds it would be even worse because you could be under the ground a whole 4 seconds before the if statement could determine that the jet has crashed. Either keep it a low number on the wait, or add a different if statement that checks to see when the plane crashes. I wish I could make this a little less laggy also.

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