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computerfreak42 11-27-2011 11:31 PM

Gate of the Elements
i have a rather complicated game i'm working on and there is just one thing not operating correctly... the game starts in a root world, which branches off into four separate worlds in which you have to do tasks to collect keys which unlock a gate back in the main world. it's not as complicated as it sounds, really... i'm just having one issue which i cannot solve.

In the air world, the programming to gain points when you fly through the rings escapes me and i have no ideas at all... i don't want points on the screen, just something to boost the "ringsaquired" variable when you fly through.

1. The earth world is not complete, don't click on the green door.
2. As of right now, the air world is impossible to win.
3. The fire world has yet to be tested, but feel free to try.
4. Good Luck.

I have attached the program. please feel free to tinker and send it back if you figure it out (preferably with notes separate from the programming telling me how to do the programming myself for future reference). i would really appreciate all the help i can get... the program final is due by 12-09-11

davidghemer 12-01-2011 09:59 PM

A couple of quick pointers.
Firstly you could use the [I]camera with threshold of object[/I] function to test whether the camera has moved through one of the hoops.
Secondly, you should use [I]when something is true[/I] events to check whether the camera has passed through a hoop.

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