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brq1 05-01-2010 05:57 PM

How do you make something move like a real ship??!!
I'm making a dropship and i don't know how to make it move like a real ship and make the cargo bay door stop at the stop point (well where it's supposed to stop at). Someone please email some help to [email][/email]. Thanks!:confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused:

andrew.b 05-01-2010 06:08 PM

What it sounds like to me, but I may be wrong, is that some part of the boat isn't moving properly with the rest of it. If that is the case, it might just be a simple case of needing to change the vehicle property setting from world to {boat} or whatever object it is supposed to be moving with. Then again, if I'm wrong, sorry if I misunderstood the problem.

jediaction 06-05-2010 07:23 AM

Exactly what are you saying. Just make dummies for all of them to move to and seperate methods with wait functions for the door to open:o

sweetyk2 06-30-2010 08:40 AM

Hi iam also confused with what you are asking as per jediaction suggestion i feel that you can make dummies and can try from there..all the best

jediaction 07-01-2010 08:45 AM

If you mean make an example, i'm not at my home right now, sorry. But when i get back if you still need it; I can do something. I'll be back friday afternoon

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