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zonedabone 10-19-2010 06:59 PM

NEW Alice Chat 2.0
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Okay! I think that I've gotten the system to work now! FOr those of you who didn't see the last thread, Alice Chat is a chatroom for Alice. v2.0 has been rewritten from the ground up with more server interaction, and much faster loading times. It is also more stable, and has more expandability! All accounts from the last (Dud) version still work.

EDIT: The new version has many error systems, a list of who's online, and message beep notification!

[URL=""]Create Account[/URL]

I'll be on tonight if anyone wants to chat!

debussybunny563 10-19-2010 07:02 PM

[SIZE="2"]Created an account, have already typed in a post.

EDIT: Login fails every so often; it seems that when you log off, I can't log in.

VERY NEAT, zone! Looking forward to the update! :D[/SIZE]

zonedabone 10-19-2010 08:16 PM

if you don't log off correctly, you have to wait a minute to log in. I'll go fix this.

Dameria 10-19-2010 08:45 PM

Still won't let me connect... -.-

zonedabone 10-19-2010 08:51 PM

Dameria, keep trying. Download the latest file from the first post. You have to use latest one.

arty-fishL 10-19-2010 08:55 PM

wow, great and it works.
advanced coding, nice user name idea.
First secure, actually working online integrated Alice world?
slight delay in messaging, no big issue.
overall great.

hope to see you successfully logged in Dameria

Dameria 10-19-2010 08:58 PM

Failed to get environment, environ will be empty: (0, "Failed to execute command (['sh', '-c', 'env']): CreateProcess: sh -c env error=2")

My version of Alice has always hated me when it came to python.

zonedabone 10-19-2010 09:00 PM

Redownload. You have something wrong with the install. use the latest 2.2. that's what it was written in.

Dameria 10-19-2010 09:19 PM

I don't feel like redownloading Alice 2.2, it might mess with some projects that I have written in this version that I have, idk.

Your first version of the chat worked for me, just not this one.

debussybunny563 10-19-2010 09:21 PM

[SIZE="2"]Aw, sorry Dameria.

You're missing out on a great world (and a great conversation between me and Arty, which he can tell you about later ;) ).

EDIT: [QUOTE=arty-fishL;27005]I get this error but it still works

Failed to get environment, environ will be empty: (0, 'Failed to execute command ([\'sh\', \'-c\', \'env\']): Cannot run program "sh": CreateProcess error=2, The system cannot find the file specified')[/QUOTE]

I second that. It gives the error thing, but still runs fine nonetheless.[/SIZE]

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