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JCole 09-20-2015 07:29 AM

Assignment 3 (CVC Online)
I finished assignment 3's a lot more simple than I think. All week I've been psyching myself out that I won't be able to figure out what's what (especially when it came to questions 2.4-2.7), but all it's a matter of is getting used to the UI and [B][U]finding[/U][/B] what you need.

I had fun making the mummy move and timing it right so the pharaoh's gesture end just as the mummy gets close enough and stops. It looks archaic and I didn't try to make it lay completely flat on it's back, but it was a good exercise in organic motion...compared to something just sliding along the ground.

lottsmoore 09-22-2015 08:54 AM

Assign 3
Sounds like you got a good grasp. It came together for you.

:confused: It was interesting - I was able to get mine working. I got my mummy stumbling forward and falling flat on his face. And finally figured out some answers to questions 2.4-2.7.

I still don't feel I have a really good grasp, because by the end I felt like my mummy. Hoping to understand Alice better soon.

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