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InsertName 09-07-2011 06:11 PM

Simple FPS Engine
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This was so simple, I wondered about putting it on the forums. I made this originally as a sequel to my first FPS. (link in sig for anbody who doesn't remember). But then I quit this for awhile because making Alice Clash took awhile, because I was stupid and [I]had[/I] to make hitback. So yeah definately not anywhere near to the one Jedi put out. Made when I was new(er).


A blocky (simple yet effective) rifle (lame)
Fast turning :P
35 bullet rounds :P
Careful aiming (like sniping) able to turn slightly while holding Left or Right.
On screen Bullet counter :P
Just 1.5mbs saving room for gameplay

Arrow keys move
Space Jumps
Z shoots
A reloads
S Aims (cannot be done in air or moving, but able to look around slowly for [I]sure shots[/I]



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