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Jdsoden 11-12-2011 09:48 PM

A questions about objects.
I'm trying to make a program for a class that I'm taking. While I don't want anyone else to do my work for me, I do have to admit that I'm stumped and can't continue without assistance. I have to make a ring catch game that uses an array to allow for an increasing number of rings to fall at once. What I need to know is how I am supposed to increase the number of rings, and how I am supposed to make the appear at different locations each time they drop down. Any help would be greatly appreciated as I'm completely lost. Thanks.

todd0312 11-16-2011 10:57 AM

I'm having the same problem
Hey there:
Are you doing the project using arrays?

I'm not able to get my program to work properly, but I increased the numbers of rings falling by having more of them pooled from my array group as the number count of rings caught increased using a while loop, kind of like this:
While: score=0 or score = 1 or both
item 0 from world.rings move down five meters

While score=1 or score= 2 or both
Do together:
item 0 from world.rings move down five meters
item 1 from world.rings move down five meters.

I just keep increasing the number of rings that fall (5 of them are in the group array) until I reach a final score of 10. Then the game ends.

Does that make any sense?

I'm having a really difficult time too, and this is an online class, which makes it a lot more difficult. Maybe we can help each other out.


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