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Alpha 06-02-2011 12:38 PM

ideas for a cool game
i am out of ideas for games. can someone help figure out a cool new game?


jediaction 06-02-2011 05:27 PM

To think of ideas for games. Look at other peoples games and mash some ideas and concepts from another. Look at popular X-box 360 games and see what you can come up with. I have hit the point where I am out of ideas, but they just flow eventually.

TauTrumpsPi 06-02-2011 08:43 PM

Another thing that helps with ideas is going on websites like MiniClip or AddictingGames and seeing what you can find there. The games are simple and fun, like most Alice games are.

I'm not saying copy directly, but it is another excellent source for ideas.

bigant 10-31-2011 02:50 PM

maybe a platformer.

Mr Kidnapper 10-31-2011 07:43 PM

Sometimes what you need to make aren't games, but cool effects. Effects take a bit of programming and math too y'know.

GameKid 10-31-2011 09:43 PM

Maybe a classic one-on-one fighting game? I tried making one once, but it got a mean queen bug.

donotpress 11-01-2011 08:45 AM

make a game where your a fly, flying around doin fly stuff in somebodys house and the goal is to not get swatted :cool:

room14 11-02-2011 02:20 AM

[QUOTE=arty-fishL;30139]Here's some game design ideas:

1. [URL=""]Toothache[/URL]
2. [URL=""]It’s All Business[/URL]
3. [URL=""]Mountain Bike Mike[/URL]
4. [URL=""]Blast Moves[/URL]
5. [URL=""]Pack Rat[/URL]
6. [URL=""]Freelance Foto[/URL]
7. [URL=""]Oval Office[/URL]
8. [URL=""]Work of Art[/URL]
9. [URL=""]Snow Day[/URL]
10. [URL=""]Project Luna[/URL]
11. [URL=""]Blackout[/URL]
12. [URL=""]Family Album[/URL]
13. [URL=""]Oceanopolis[/URL]
14. [URL=""]Soapbox Grand Prix[/URL]
15. [URL=""]Loup-Garou[/URL]
16. [URL=""]On the Road Again[/URL]
17. [URL=""]Miracle of Life[/URL]
18. [URL=""]Go Nuts![/URL]
19. [URL=""]Salon[/URL]
20. [URL=""]Family Restaurant[/URL]
21. [URL=""]Face Your Fear[/URL]
22. [URL=""]Haunted Hotel[/URL]
23. [URL=""]Puppet Show[/URL]
24. [URL=""]Audio Trip[/URL]
25. [URL=""]Grand Canyon[/URL]
26. [URL=""]My Librarian’s a Witch![/URL]
27. [URL=""]Sandcastle Creator[/URL]
28. [URL=""]Game Designer Trivia[/URL]
29. [URL=""]Bike Messenger Mike[/URL]
30. [URL=""]The Nutcracker[/URL]
31. [URL=""]Homecoming[/URL]
32. [URL=""]Berlin[/URL]
33. [URL=""]Let’s Go Camping[/URL]
34. [URL=""]Gunslinger[/URL]
35. [URL=""]Museum Madness[/URL]
36. [URL=""]Birthday Party![/URL]
37. [URL=""]Firefight[/URL]
38. [URL=""]Green Thumb Gardening[/URL]
39. [URL=""]Alphabet Detectives[/URL]
40. [URL=""]Apothecaries Guild[/URL]
41. [URL=""]Air Traffic Jam[/URL]
42. [URL=""]Newshound[/URL]
43. [URL=""]Snapshot Shootout[/URL]
44. [URL=""]Stone Roller[/URL]
45. [URL=""]Angry Villagers[/URL]
46. [URL=""]Cave In[/URL]
47. [URL=""]Maid to Order[/URL]
48. [URL=""]Turkey Trouble[/URL]
49. [URL=""]The Confidence Game[/URL]
50. [URL=""]Blast Moves 2[/URL]
51. [URL=""]Bodyguard[/URL]
52. [URL=""]Swordplay[/URL]

which I ripped from [URL=""]here[/URL]


here is a list that arty gave me and there's more on the thread.

dakota95 11-02-2011 12:16 PM

How 'bout a flying game. Like Ace Combat. I've tryed to make one but it has always stumped me.

Nighthawk0973 11-02-2011 05:41 PM

making a good game in alice is tough because you don't have custom ENV. I mean like, you have this big world, but than when you actually add stuff, you realize it'll take a lot of stuff to make it look like something real. Big issue. Try figuring out how to overcome this first.

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