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cmachua 06-18-2015 11:09 AM

Assignment 3
This assignment was so much fun! Making the Zombie walk slowly then fall back after the pharaoh does a mystical hand gesture, was really cool. My fiancé was asking me "how is this homework? you are having too much fun, for it to be homework." I am learning a lot in this class, unlike my past class with Alice where the projects were more like tutorials. You would follow instructions step by step and so sadly I didn't take much from the lessons. Now I am forced to create the steps myself which is forcing me to learn Alice and the basics of Java.
BTW I am using the word "forcing" in a positive way.

Okay so my book should be here today, I don't know how 2-4 business days is considered expedited shipping but that is what Barnes and noble had to offer. For some reason when I looked up the book through the school bookstore online prior to the course starting it said no book required because I would have gotten in way before the course started.

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