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ANpld 02-05-2018 05:18 PM

I thought this assignment was more difficult. The walk I ended up with for the mummy is pretty stiff and it's more like a sliding motion while moving the legs. The Pharaoh was a much easier task as we only had to coordinate one limb. The falling motion was also easier to put together than the walking. Also, I kept getting an error when creating a new method and trying to test it out saying, it was calling to anything. I fixed it by exiting out of the new method edit tab once I was done putting it together.

I feel as though there is a better way to get the mummy to walk smoothly. The penguin world option from the last assignment had a method built into the model of the penguin called, "waddle," and that really helped. Then again, having a pre-built method wasn't the point of this assignment. For me, this was an "easier said than done" for the mummy walk. As for the questions, very straightforward again and helped reinforce all the majors points in the chapter.

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