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Funnybone 03-17-2015 05:09 PM

What's Your Guys' Problem With Ubuntu?
I mean really? It came from Linux!

And at least Ubuntu is better than Macintosh or Windows where as with those 2 YOU EASILY PICK UP VIRUSES.

Ubuntu means "Together" in African.

No, I want to know what you people have a problem with Ubuntu [B]now[/B] as I am getting sick of comments like

"Oh... Ubuntu.. congrats, funnybone." OK, it seems like it's more targeted at me, so I want to know what problem it is you people have with Ubuntu, because I am slowly getting angrier the more I hear it.

RavenOfCode 03-17-2015 05:17 PM

I like windows better than ubuntu... but ubuntu is better than mac...

Funnybone 03-17-2015 05:20 PM

[quote=ravenofcode;55679]i like windows better than ubuntu... But ubuntu is better than mac...[/quote]

that's the question i'm trying to ask. What is everyone's problem?????

RavenOfCode 03-17-2015 05:21 PM

I'm less familiar with it, and i can't navigate it as well, thus i like it less because i can't find what i need.

Funnybone 03-17-2015 05:23 PM

So why go off-topic on my all of my threads? I'm getting sick of the complaints, because all it does is make me feel bad for using Linux.

Funnybone 03-17-2015 05:35 PM

And it continues...

djslater107 03-18-2015 10:47 AM

It is now time to take this discussion off-line
This thread is not going anywhere useful for the community...

It is time to take it off-line...

Don Slater
Alice Project

x2495iiii 03-18-2015 11:11 AM

[QUOTE=Funnybone;55682]So why go off-topic on my all of my threads?[/QUOTE]

That's an exaggeration.

Also, you can't expect everyone on the internet to like what you like. In fact, you should expect opposition to just about any opinion you can express.

Strong opposition.

The fact that the worst thing you can name is a mildly sarcastic remark with no obscenities, insults, or any hints of anger, speaks volumes about the amount of self-control and consideration the other users are exercising.

I can't say the same for you, though. The majority of your posts have been angry or antagonistic, and the other users have noticed.

Stop acting like everyone is against you. It's disruptive and rude and it will get you banned quickly if you continue.

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