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lucyrn99 09-14-2016 03:31 PM

Assignment 3 - Mummy stalking the pharaoh
Hi all,

This was a fun assignment, trying to get the mummy to walk in a somewhat natural-looking way.. :)
I found a helpful youtube video and used it as an example for my mummy's walk: [url][/url]

In my scene, I have a background containing several pyramids, a Sphynx, a few Egyptian people, a few of those nasty locusts in the sky (that reminds me.. I was going to try to animate them so that they'll buzz around in the background. I forgot to try to do that, boooooo! :().

The mummy walks slowly from right to left, towards the pharaoh. As the mummy gets closer, the pharaoh suddenly whips up his arm (with a 'whoosh' sound effect), rotates his hand (in what I hope is a mystical fashion), causing the mummy to fall backwards. There is an accompanying 'gong' sound as the mummy falls backwards.

The challenges I encountered:
1. The mummy's walk - I spent a lot of time playing around with the right leg/left leg move forward/move backward features. The Do Together feature was extremely useful here, as I think the leg movements would have been very jerky otherwise. Once I adjusted the timing of each leg movement, and each 'mummy entire body' movement, I was happy with the result.

2. I wanted the 'gong' sound to be a prolonged sound, throughout the time that it took the mummy to fall backwards. I did a Do Together activity, to have the gong and the mummy falling backwards happen at the same time, but it wasn't 100% the way I wanted it to look.
In the Do Together event, the gong sounds, the mummy starts to fall backwards, falls about halfway back, then there's a tiny bit of a lag, then he falls backwards the rest of the way to the sandy ground.
If I separated the actions, the mummy's fall was continuous without any lags/hiccups in his movement.
Not sure why doing them together, caused the slight lag? I wasn't able to figure out how to figure out this little glitch.

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