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Nita 02-09-2017 06:33 PM

Assignment 4
Hi Everyone,

So I have finally finished assignment 4, which to write my own Textual story board for a scene of my own choosing. The process in itself wasn't difficult or confusing. My professor provided a good example on how to write a Textual story, which was extremely helpful. Although, I'm hoping that I did it right. ha..

I was also instructed to make one of my characters in my scene sing "the silly boom boom," song. I had to create a method for last the four lines in each of the verses (since they are the same). Also, while the character was singing I was to make them jump periodically.

With my created textual story, I made my scene in Alice, which was fairly time consuming but still interesting. I found myself redoing some of the steps when I couldn't quite get it.

I reviewed previous chapter material in order to complete this assignment as well.

Overall it was an good experience. :)

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