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arielargentina 07-03-2012 07:55 PM

Using function "[Object]'s Variable named [variableName] of type [valueClass] "
Hello, can anyone tell me how and for what this function works? :confused::confused:

In a custom method with a list as parameter ,i am trying to do the next:

For each Object in list -> Object set property [CustomProperty] to [value]

For this i was wondering if i could use the function "[Object][COLOR="Red"]'s Variable named [/COLOR][variableName][COLOR="red"] of type[/COLOR] [valueClass]" found in Object as "other" functions.

Like the function [Object]'s part named [key]. But my problem is i can't drag it anywhere. Where should it be placed? :rolleyes:

I am really stuck at Generics Methods with this, because i can't set an object custom property.:eek:

Hope my english was good.

arielargentina 07-04-2012 05:59 PM

:o I could use this function in the print function and also iterating a list. But it is read-only access, my problem is I can not write the variable obtained by the function.

How to access a generic property of an object passed as a parameter? :(

Any ideas? :confused:

djslater107 07-05-2012 09:23 AM

This function never worked as it was intended to, and it should be removed in the next release of Alice 2.2.


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